County Archives Project


Link to Hampden Collection on Internet Archive's Website

The Hampden County Archive project consists of ten sections, listed above.  These are records that were given to the Registry of Deeds to house and preserve when the Office of County Government was abolished in 1998.  Hampden County was assumed under the umbrella of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary of State.

The records consist of documents, maps, plans, atlases, index books and commissioner’s record books dating back to 1664 and continuing to 1974.   Hampden County was part of Hampshire County until 1812.  Therefore, the records from 1664 to 1812 will say Hampshire, instead of Hampden County.

Valuable records from both a historical and practical standpoint, real estate professionals such as attorneys and engineers, have always relied on accessibility to them for title searches and engineering projects which require a starting point from periods of time prior to our current recording standards.

The conditions of the originals contained in this project are fragile. They have been digitized to preserve and make them easily accessible on the internet under the direction of Hampden County Register of Deeds, Donald E. Ashe.

If you are looking for information on Dams, a search should be conducted of all of sections, as some information exists throughout the site.  The state offers a layout site of our highways at: